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well, i've slightly abandoned my journal writing in the past few months... it's been a good time lately... different experience of life than ive had in a while, not having a boyfriend is well, different, both good and bad... a few things have happened that i wish didnt and that i kinda want to take back, but i cant, so i'll just have to learn from them i guess, but over all last quarter was pretty sweet, i wouldnt change it just to forget about some stuff that happened, there was definitly way more good... oh, just found out a couple days ago that i got into nursing school for next year at osu, me and lacey will be spending some good quality time together for the next couple years... we got a house for next year... right on high street close to everything... living with ash, laura, stella, vicki and cheri next year, i cant wait to move it, were gonna have an amazing time... almost everyone is living on 12th within a block of my house next year so that will definitly be cool as well, lots of partying to get done...
this is the first time i didnt really want to come home from osu... its kinda wierd... now i know why no one else ever wanted to come home... it sucks cause theres nothing to do and you miss people too much... but on the plus side, im done with finals! no more history, EVER, so happy :) im getting my hair cut and dyed tomorrow! emily's gonna do it for me :) im excited... it's gonna be dark brown... getting it cut slightly shorter, not too drastic but, just cut enough... brandywine opened today... no one called me so i called and talk to siebert and he says, just come in whenever you want on sunday... im like, okay thats sweet, so i'll probably sleep in and go in slightly late... i wish i could work like 12 hours a day cause im so bored at home... i think me and ash are gonna drive to michigan to visit bryan on tuesday and wednesday... oh! and were going thrifting with ross on monday! im totally excited about that one!! :-D i cant wait i love thrifting... awesome tshirts for cheap! another plus, my computer is finally usable... i guess it never really was, cause it has always been super slow, but thanks to bob, who fixed my slowness issue and chris who removed my crap that i killed my computer with, i am happy once again!!! i can do more than one thing on it at a time without it like freezing and skipping my music, ashley and i are thinking about moving back into the dorms on new years eve cause everyone wants us to go out with them... i think we'll have to work on the parents for that one... but it would be fun... but yeah, im happy right now... finally dont have anything really depressing to write about in this thing, amazingly enough, well besides missing osu, but i'll make it through that, just work a lot over the next three weeks probably, i suppose it wont be so bad after this next week is over cause my friends will actually be home from college then...
really really fucking stressed out and i have no damn clue what to do
i spent from 1030 till 230 in the emergency room. not for myself though, me and the emergency room arent good friends. anyways it all started when mike went dirtbiking and he happened to come up short on a very large triple(he went quite high, to ad to it) well when he fell he got right back up and kept riding for like a lap, came over to see me said his shoulder hurt then went to bend something back on his bike that got messed up when he fell so i went looking for him and it all started... he couldnt remember anything, he didnt know what he did, didnt know anything that hed done the entire summer kept repeating the same things over and over again... i tried to get him to let me call his mom, but he wouldnt so we hung around for another couple hours in which nothing else exciting really happened we drove to arbys, he doesnt remember that either got home and told his mom he needed to go the hospital... oh yes and it was probably about a 45 drive to his house with the following conversation [where did i fall?] me: on the triple [what happened?] me: you came up short [is my bike okay?] me: yes its fine [is my pipe bent] me" no its fine [my handle bars?] me: just a little bent, hey ryan(his brother) is coming home tomorrow [he is] me: yes, and hes getting married in novemember [really? to who] repeat, with me changing what random fact i was telling him that he forgot well actually it was a bit longer than that it kinda went on from about 7pm till 230am, but it got better once we were at the hospital for a while, but he still doesnt remember anything that happened in the last couple days... it's should be in an interesting week, but i'm just glad he's okay, oh yeah!! we went to the oar concert last week. it was so awesome i cant wait till they come to columbus this year and their new cd comes out...
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i'm really f-ing tired right now cuz i drove to columbus and back today so im going to bed, night
i think sleeping fixes all my problems right now... i feel much better today
ive had the strangest feeling today
it's like all my feelings are numb,
except for pain, yeah that one
it kinda sucks
i'm not exactly sure where my life is going right now
mike and i keep getting in fights over nothing
it's really starting to upset me
i don't feel like we understand each other right now
i'm trying to fix it,
but i'm not getting anywhere
i don't know if i'm going about it wrong or not
i just feel like i can't do anything right
when i mess up and i try to fix it,
it always seems like i'm saying the wrong thing
it just makes the situation worse
i just wish i could have one i love you,
one where i'm just not getting it in return for me saying it first
but one that when i look in his eyes i know he means it too
i know he does, but i just can't feel it right now
it's kinda hard
and i wish i could just feel special for one moment,
one second out of my entire life
i'm not sure why i'm sharing this with everyone
i just need to talk to someone, anyone,
about my feelings
but i feel like my best friend is lost right now
i could always talk to mike about everything
but there's a space between us right now
i just wish i didn't have all this anger, love, fear, pain and hurt
all mixed up inside of me right now
i'd kinda like to get rid of the anger, fear, pain and hurt
the love part is just fine with me
i just need to get it back right now...
well finally home for the summer from osu, i didnt think we were ever gonna get out it took us forever to get all of our stuff out and it was really hot, im definitly glad to be back home with air conditioning, instead of on in my 10th floor dorm room, with no air conditiong, much nicer... also on a side note, the other day, i didnt realize till about 1am that i had been wearing my shorts inside-out the entire day.. oops
so id just like everyone to know, that tomorrow, or rather today now, sunday, june 5, 2005, it is supposed to be 88 degrees in columbus, ohio, that is hotter than it is supposed to be any place in florida today... hotter then key west,the southern most part of florida... what the hell is wrong with ohio, if i wanted florida weather, id live there, but i like it to be a reasonable temperature, not this horribly close to 90 degrees one, in the beginning of june... this sucks... it's also going to be 86 degrees when i have to move all this stuff out of my room to take it home, i might cry...

well i feel much better today (not the sick thing, though) about last night, just needed to sleep on it... except i didnt fall asleep until 530 in the morning so i just got up about 15 minutes ago because kate knocked on my door, which was fine cuz i needed to get up anyways... gotta get started on this final stuff cuz for my midterms i had this stuff done way before now, well the history anyways, i think im ahead on the philosophy note cards, but i havent gotten anything done with the history essays, oh well, they shouldnt be too bad, they arent that hard really... anyways... my eye really hurts today it feels like its swollen or something but i havent really looked into the mirror... let me go check... ok well i dont think it really is, maybe a little but we'll see in a couple days... walking down the hall on my floor is so depressing, half the girls have moved out, the rooms are all so empty and some people have even completely moved out... sigh... its gonna be sad, i wish the day would just come though!! anyways... i should shower and get some stuff done today...