well i thought it was gonna be a good day, turns out i was wrong again... read some harry potter this morning, and i <3 harry potter, so that was wonderful, i slept pretty well last night, but woke up with a sore throat again, which im used to so that doesnt really contribute to my bad day... went to bio and all we had was a quiz i spent about 10minutes in class (more time walking to and from it) and i hadnt really studied for the quiz, but i think i did really well on it and im like 99% sure im gonna get an A in the class, so that made me happy... came back and at 5 i went to the park hall end of the year cookout, i had hotdogs, potato chips, coke and watermelon... soooo good, i miss good food... charmed was on tonight, a good episode, but i was taping it and my tape said i had 5 hours and 20minutes to use and so far id only used 4hours and 20minutes and i only had to tape 45minutes, but the tape ended before the last 5 minuets, I HATE when that happens... then i waited for mike to call for like a couple hours, even though i knew he wouldnt be back til after 9... but thats where it went bad, we had about 5minutes of good conversation til i got mad at him for something hes gonna do and so he stopped talking to me for like the next 25 minutes before we finally just got off the phone, but i kept trying to make conversation but he would just answer with one word or not even say anything and it was really frusturating, so i punched the bed, that hurt... what a great way to end my last day of class for my first year of college... in a fight with my boyfriend... sigh... im kinda upset about it cuz i hate this, it really sucks... oh and now this cough that ive had for the last 3 months has decided to come back bad this evening, but my throat hurts so bad that i cant cough... it sucks... my life is fairly crappy at the moment, sorry to waste anyones time who actually read it