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ive had the strangest feeling today
it's like all my feelings are numb,
except for pain, yeah that one
it kinda sucks
i'm not exactly sure where my life is going right now
mike and i keep getting in fights over nothing
it's really starting to upset me
i don't feel like we understand each other right now
i'm trying to fix it,
but i'm not getting anywhere
i don't know if i'm going about it wrong or not
i just feel like i can't do anything right
when i mess up and i try to fix it,
it always seems like i'm saying the wrong thing
it just makes the situation worse
i just wish i could have one i love you,
one where i'm just not getting it in return for me saying it first
but one that when i look in his eyes i know he means it too
i know he does, but i just can't feel it right now
it's kinda hard
and i wish i could just feel special for one moment,
one second out of my entire life
i'm not sure why i'm sharing this with everyone
i just need to talk to someone, anyone,
about my feelings
but i feel like my best friend is lost right now
i could always talk to mike about everything
but there's a space between us right now
i just wish i didn't have all this anger, love, fear, pain and hurt
all mixed up inside of me right now
i'd kinda like to get rid of the anger, fear, pain and hurt
the love part is just fine with me
i just need to get it back right now...
i think sleeping fixes all my problems right now... i feel much better today