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well, today i went to lunch with amanda at kfc, it was a good time, go to talk a bunch then we made a trip to acme... after that i had like 40 minutes before i had to pick mike up, so i decided to take a bit of a detour to get to his school... i'll show u the map when i get around to making it... we went to see the musical tonight, i loved it, i just want all of u guys to know who did stuff with it, that it really was awesome and you did a wonderful job, it made me really miss doing that with all you guys... i also happened to watch drum line tonight and that made me miss marching band, i miss lots of things tonight, but its getting to be less missing as the night goes on!!
haha, i watched drumline last night too, and it made me miss colorguard. as much as i hate to admit it, i think i'm done with guard...it's sad, but true. i just don't really have the time or money for it anymore, plus my body hated me when i did it, so i dunno. i know what you mean though bout missing things when you go to see them, like when i went to see the choir concert, it made me miss that, and so on....i hate growing up, lol...later girlie, friday was fun, we need to do that this summer or hang out more or something, love ya!