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i spent from 1030 till 230 in the emergency room. not for myself though, me and the emergency room arent good friends. anyways it all started when mike went dirtbiking and he happened to come up short on a very large triple(he went quite high, to ad to it) well when he fell he got right back up and kept riding for like a lap, came over to see me said his shoulder hurt then went to bend something back on his bike that got messed up when he fell so i went looking for him and it all started... he couldnt remember anything, he didnt know what he did, didnt know anything that hed done the entire summer kept repeating the same things over and over again... i tried to get him to let me call his mom, but he wouldnt so we hung around for another couple hours in which nothing else exciting really happened we drove to arbys, he doesnt remember that either got home and told his mom he needed to go the hospital... oh yes and it was probably about a 45 drive to his house with the following conversation [where did i fall?] me: on the triple [what happened?] me: you came up short [is my bike okay?] me: yes its fine [is my pipe bent] me" no its fine [my handle bars?] me: just a little bent, hey ryan(his brother) is coming home tomorrow [he is] me: yes, and hes getting married in novemember [really? to who] repeat, with me changing what random fact i was telling him that he forgot well actually it was a bit longer than that it kinda went on from about 7pm till 230am, but it got better once we were at the hospital for a while, but he still doesnt remember anything that happened in the last couple days... it's should be in an interesting week, but i'm just glad he's okay, oh yeah!! we went to the oar concert last week. it was so awesome i cant wait till they come to columbus this year and their new cd comes out...
thats kind of scary.... Nate did something like that... only worse...
thank god mike is mostly ok!! poor jenn!