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well, i've slightly abandoned my journal writing in the past few months... it's been a good time lately... different experience of life than ive had in a while, not having a boyfriend is well, different, both good and bad... a few things have happened that i wish didnt and that i kinda want to take back, but i cant, so i'll just have to learn from them i guess, but over all last quarter was pretty sweet, i wouldnt change it just to forget about some stuff that happened, there was definitly way more good... oh, just found out a couple days ago that i got into nursing school for next year at osu, me and lacey will be spending some good quality time together for the next couple years... we got a house for next year... right on high street close to everything... living with ash, laura, stella, vicki and cheri next year, i cant wait to move it, were gonna have an amazing time... almost everyone is living on 12th within a block of my house next year so that will definitly be cool as well, lots of partying to get done...
Congrats on nursing school! :-)

I don't know if you were worried about getting in or anything . .but either way . . congratulations!