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well i thought it was gonna be a good day, turns out i was wrong again... read some harry potter this morning, and i <3 harry potter, so that was wonderful, i slept pretty well last night, but woke up with a sore throat again, which im used to so that doesnt really contribute to my bad day... went to bio and all we had was a quiz i spent about 10minutes in class (more time walking to and from it) and i hadnt really studied for the quiz, but i think i did really well on it and im like 99% sure im gonna get an A in the class, so that made me happy... came back and at 5 i went to the park hall end of the year cookout, i had hotdogs, potato chips, coke and watermelon... soooo good, i miss good food... charmed was on tonight, a good episode, but i was taping it and my tape said i had 5 hours and 20minutes to use and so far id only used 4hours and 20minutes and i only had to tape 45minutes, but the tape ended before the last 5 minuets, I HATE when that happens... then i waited for mike to call for like a couple hours, even though i knew he wouldnt be back til after 9... but thats where it went bad, we had about 5minutes of good conversation til i got mad at him for something hes gonna do and so he stopped talking to me for like the next 25 minutes before we finally just got off the phone, but i kept trying to make conversation but he would just answer with one word or not even say anything and it was really frusturating, so i punched the bed, that hurt... what a great way to end my last day of class for my first year of college... in a fight with my boyfriend... sigh... im kinda upset about it cuz i hate this, it really sucks... oh and now this cough that ive had for the last 3 months has decided to come back bad this evening, but my throat hurts so bad that i cant cough... it sucks... my life is fairly crappy at the moment, sorry to waste anyones time who actually read it
well todays been a stressful day... not to mention the night before too... i got about 1 hour of sleep on saturday night... i was tired and grumpy all day yesterday even after i took a nap... i tried to go to sleep at like 1am... but i ended up watching blade II and then out cold, i was hoping to fall asleep during the 2nd one... but i didnt and i ended up even watching the extra stuff and the deleted scenes... so i ended up sleeping at like 4ish... on a sidenote... why is it that in movies the hot guy is always evil and so he has to die? i dont get it... but it's stupid... i think i mentioned this also when i was watching blade last weekend... but anyways... i didnt think i was going to be able to see in my room anymore cuz the other day me and ashley realized that our floor lamp didnt work at all... which sucks cuz um the light in the room is simply in adequate for any type of seeing so at night, you cant see shit in here... but a shining light on my bad weekend was that i discovered that it was indeed just unplugged ::breathing a sigh of relief:: and i wont have to study for finals and write my terribly difficult philosophy paper in the dark... now onto the philosophy paper, i started it this morning at like 12 and i worked on it till about 5 with a few breaks in the middle and i got 2 pages done... i need 4-6... it was the most frusturating thing ive ever done and im still only, at minimum, half way done so i have more stressing out to do, and on top of it, it's really crappy because i suck at philosophy and i dont really understand what im writing my paper on... well it's on war, but i had to pick like on thing about it and take a side and back up my claim, which really sucked cuz i suck at this... sigh... got some bad news from mike, it coulda been worse, but still not good... such a stressful long weekend, im just ready to be done with school... as soon as i finish this damn paper i can relax soo much more cuz ive only got finals left... youre probably laughing about me saying im going to relax about my finals... well i am cuz even though one is entire essay and the other is half essay, at least i have specific things to write about and i know how to do them... i'll be done with my finals on monday, well ive got an optional one on tuesday that im gonna go to depending on my bio grade, so as long as it's an A, it'll be good...
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wow i cant believe that my first year of college is almost over (despite the fact that i still have 4 more to go... crap on changing majors) my advice to anyone who hasnt started yet, dont change, they tell you that you can change your major and still graduate on time, THEY LIE, it doesnt matter to them how long youre there the long the better, the more money they get... but anyways im happy with my decision to change... but im definitly ready to get home for the summer... i need a break from this school crap, and i hate all you guys who are out already... you suck... but im gonna be busy this summer, im working at the store again (matt you better come visit me) and im gonna be volunteering at children's hospital in the nursing office, cuz im gonna go into nursing and im going to chicago with my best friends from highschool for a weekend!!! totally excited!!! and i intend to go to warped tour as well this summer... dunno what else... but yeah im distracting myself from writing one of the two 4 page papers i have due in the next week and also avoiding studying for finals (those are gonna suck) but let me tell you all my finals are on monday and im staying till thursday!! haha can you guess whats gonna be going on in my spare time (lots of consumption, but hopefully not enough to make me puke... again) note to self, avoid vodka... oh yeah so mike got me 5 fish for my birthday in january and i decided to name them after harry potter characters... and which one dies... of course, harry potter... sucks... oh yeah!! new harry potter book coming out in the summer, sooo exited!! but on another note about books, i need you guys to tell me a TON of good ones to read this summer cuz thats all i do at work so let me know cuz i end up reading the same ones over and over and OVER again... but first before i get to that, i have to get through these last two weeks, which are going excedingly slow... someone come visit me this weekend!! but not saturday night cuz i think im going to cincinnati to visit davi's friends... who knows... more about that if i go... but yeah, gotta get back to studying or trying to... i miss all you guys at home soo much!!! i hope to see everyone soon!!!

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back from the weekend at home... it was fun, got to spend lots of time with mike... makes me happy... it's hot as hell down here now... 85 degrees with no air conditioning... so im really looking forward to getting home now for the summer... it'll really nice to be able to relax and to have my own room as well, got lots of homework to do and so maybe i should get around to that now... maybe not...

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well, today i went to lunch with amanda at kfc, it was a good time, go to talk a bunch then we made a trip to acme... after that i had like 40 minutes before i had to pick mike up, so i decided to take a bit of a detour to get to his school... i'll show u the map when i get around to making it... we went to see the musical tonight, i loved it, i just want all of u guys to know who did stuff with it, that it really was awesome and you did a wonderful job, it made me really miss doing that with all you guys... i also happened to watch drum line tonight and that made me miss marching band, i miss lots of things tonight, but its getting to be less missing as the night goes on!!
coming home this weekend!!! actually tonight, im soooo excited, i miss having my own room going to see the musical too!! i wanna see everyone
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